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Adri Diaz

Certified EmRes Professional

Phone: 786-496-2277

Location: Ocoee, FL, USA

About Adri

Adri has been a holistic practitioner working with clients to resolve emotional issues since 2003. Her integrative holistic approach focuses on finding the root cause of an issue and facilitating a mind-body-spirit resolution. Through her guidance, she will show you that all you need is within because you are already perfect, whole, complete - and you deserve to feel that way. She has experienced profound transformations in herself and witnessed the same in others she has helped using EmRes.


“I have always been interested in health and wellness. At first, it was about healing myself and feeling good in my own skin. Others saw the change in me and began asking how I changed my life. That sparked a desire to help others in the same way. I love helping people and I believe EmRes to be the most effective way to resolve emotional issues.”

– Adri Diaz


Emotional Health Institute Training

Professional Certification

EmRes for the Body

EmRes for Children

Other Education

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

NLP and Eye Movement Therapy (EMT)
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner


English and Spanish

Adri's Services

What Adri's Clients Say

Maria Q

Working with Adri was a very positive experience for me. Her voice and the way she conducts the session are very soothing. I felt very different after my first session with her. I felt so bad before that I was losing sleep. Now that I resolved the guilt and the anxiety, I feel more at peace and am sleeping better. I appreciate her so much!


Luckily for me, Adri introduced me to EmRes. Through her guidance, I have been able to overcome anger issues and find forgiveness. I am a different person now, happy and peaceful, equipped with EmRes to maintain a blissful life. Thank you, Adri.

Ana H

Honestly, I don't understand what this was or how it works, but I trust Adri, so I tried it. After one session, I went from having around 30 panic attacks per day to only having a few per week. And I can drive again. This has changed my life. Thank you so much, Adri!

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