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Cynthia Lou

EmRes Practitioner

Phone: 9999

Location: xxxx   Phone and Zoom sessions. 

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About Cynthia

Cynthia Lou focuses her EmRes practice towards aligning her clients to live lives of Total Beauty: physical beauty, beautiful career expressions, beaty in the home, beautiful interactions, and peace in the heart.

Going through a difficult transition one year, she found herself being able to intuit her next steps but not quite able to take them. When she found EmRes, she found the missing link in her system and realized that information, intuition, and next steps were only applicable if an individual had a strong, calm, and peaceful emotional state to execute them. 


Cynthia's love of EmRes grew as she realized how EmRes opened a portal of possibilities to heal and create, to firm and to grow, to soothe and to soar.


An accomplished performer, coach, and skincare formulator, Cynthia brings her love of invention and innovation to her practice. 


As a Certified Psychic Intuitive, she can see beyond the surface to understand the inner workings of complex systems, from people to organizations, emotions to energy. 


Resolve emotional misalignments and step into your power to reveal the most enchanting layers of your most beautiful self. 


Emotional Health Institute Training

EmRes for the Body

Other Education

Certified Psychic Intuitive

Certified Skincare Formulator

Skin and Beauty specialist


Skincare, beauty, self-esteem, self-perspective. Creative arts and performance. Career change and transitions, difficult decisions, chronic indecisiveness.

Cynthia's Services

What Cynthia's Clients Say

Nikolai K

I have worked with Cynthia in a time of difficult decisions. During the session, she helped me create a clear vision and direction for my career, business and studies.

Paul N

In the past i haven't gotten much progress, but with Cynthia I was able to feel real tangible progress


Persistent back pain disappeared in one session. I didn’t even realize the shift until I was in the gym, moving through all the weights and exercises with no pain

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