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Joseph Keich

EmRes Practitioner

Phone: 224-772-5918

Location: Fort Worth, Tx, USA

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About Joe

Joe Keich is a Veteran of the U.S. Navy and former licensed massage therapist with a 12-year career with the Department of Defense. Being trained by his massage therapist grandparents at the age of 17 lead him to an inspired career as a massage therapist but he felt called to more.


After his Navy career, he landed in an unexpected career path of cutting-edge military operations training simulation and networked simulation systems that test F-35 fighter jet software. But still he felt called to more. So, with the hundreds of hours he’d spent studying and training in intimacy, personal development and spirituality in his personal time, he pursued a career path as an intimacy and relationship coach, which lead him to EmRes.


Now, passionate about EmRes, he integrates this practice into much he does as a coach, constantly refining his approach to bring you deep connection with your partner and feeling more naturally open-hearted and fulfilled.


Emotional Health Institute Training

EmRes Practitioner, certification in progress

EmRes for the Body


Intimacy and Relationship Coaching.

Joe's Services

What Joe's Clients Say

Derek Andre

The undeniable value of working with Joe is that he created a safe space for me to share things with him that I did not feel comfortable sharing with anybody else in my life

Jennifer Hart

Joe is awesome! The work I did with him was unlike anything I’ve done before…and I’ve tried a lot of things.

Christopher Ross

This is the most awesome work that you…are doing creating inspiration and [helping] people to live powerfully

Victoria Blom

Joe embodies a quiet, steady power of attunement which he employed sensitively to shepherd me back to the truth of my own being

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