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Lauren Gesslein-Hausheer

Certified EmRes Professional

Location: Fort Worth, Tx, USA. 

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About Lauren

Lauren empowers her clients to break through the roadblocks that prevent them from fulfilling their full potential. She believes we all have a gift that is worthy of being shared in this world, and we each deserve to feel healthy and at peace even amidst the chaos of life. But when insecurity, fear, or anger cloud your choices or keep you silent, you can never make the impact that you desire. Whether you’re stuck trying to make better choices with your health, overcome your fear of sharing your art with the world, or finally be your authentic self, Lauren can support you on your journey to discovering your best life.


After years of struggling with chronic health issues and receiving no hope from traditional medicine, Lauren studied a blend of Eastern and Western modalities to uncover the root cause of her issues. Knowledge of nutrition and healthy lifestyle made a tremendous impact but learning about yoga and meditation were life changing and her first introduction to emotional healing. She encountered emotional resolution years later and loved how the process was simple yet permanent and made the client the authority of their own healing. The idea of going through your emotions is discussed in Eastern yoga philosophy and Western psychological research. And though it sounds simple, simple isn’t always easy, especially in a society that has been so disconnected from our emotional well-being. She loves to share this practice with anyone who is ready to experience more freedom and peace in their life.

“Emotions are signals meant to last a few minutes. But many of us repress our anger instead of learning to set boundaries. We push down sadness instead of allowing time to grieve. EmRes is a beautiful way to learn how the body naturally resolves these stuck emotions that were never meant to be stored so we can live from a place of peace and neutrality rather than fear, anxiety, or hatred.” – Lauren Gesslein-Hausheer


Emotional Health Institute Training

Professional Certification

Other Education

Registered Yoga Teacher

Registered Dietitian

Reiki Practitioner

Lauren's Services

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