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Liza Jascolt

Certified EmRes Professional

Phone: 725-777-8685

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

About Liza

Many years ago Liza was involved in a major car accident that left her unable to work for almost a year. It was her doctor's diagnosis that she would never live a life without physical pain that led her to find many alternative forms of treatments and that put Liza on a path to a full recovery!


In the past two years, Liza was introduced to the Emotional Resolution process. After only one treatment she saw immediate results with her fear of heights - and was rappelling down a mountain the next day. Liza continues to use Emotional Resolution to build her own as well as other’s emotional and mental health.


Emotional Health Institute Training

Professional Certification

EmRes for the Body

Other Education

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBT)  

Liza's Services

What Liza's Clients Say

R. M.

Liza is very professional and passionate about her work. She takes her time to guide you in the process and is very knowledgeable about the EmRes technique and how to release emotional trauma and residual anxiety. Highly recommended!

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