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Sue Siebens

Certified EmRes Professional

Phone: 214-437-2737

Location: Fort Worth, TX.  Zoom sessions only

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About Sue

Sue believes that living your best life is everyone’s birthright. She helps people live up to their full potential and happiness by assisting them to remove disturbing emotions, large and small. It’s not about controlling or coping skills that temporarily set aside emotions to come back at a later time. It’s about getting rid of the triggers that keep emotions in play. It’s about having more mental capacity and space to handle anything that comes your way with confidence and grace. Without the fog of emotions clouding the mind and limiting focus, we have more options. We end up happier with life no matter what comes our way.


“I am continually delighted and amazed at how Emotional Resolution can relax our human experience. As we uninstall the buttons that trigger over-the-top emotional expression in specific situations, our whole world becomes a much more comfortable place to be; we move through our lives with greater ease and joy. It’s wonderful!” – Sue Siebens


Emotional Health Institute Training

Professional Certification

EmRes for the Body

EmRes for Children

Other Education

Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Iowa State University

Licensed Massage Therapist in Texas, specializing in Bowen Myofascial

Reiki Master


Emotional recovery from our pervasive diet culture, including body image, body shaming, fat phobia, and feeling guilty about being large bodied and enjoying food is Sue's passion project. She helps clients with Emotional Resolutions that allow them to love their body and be comfortable in their own skin—while looking in a mirror and living their best life.

Sue's Services

What Sue's Clients Say

Jill M

Working with Emotional Resolution, EmRes, has been a positive experience. The rapid progress allowed us to address different issues in each session with immediate results. The process, although in depth, is extremely easy and Sue makes each visit pleasant.

Denise D

Emotional Resolution, EmRes, is truly wonderful…it WORKS!
Sue has helped me work on releasing emotions that have held me hostage for a long time!
She guided me through this amazing process , gently helping me to first recognize then feel , then release the emotion ! Each session ended with a “WOW! “ moment! Truly life altering!

Rachel S

Working with Emotional Resolution has been a positive experience. I had an Emotional Resolution session with Sue for my debilitating anxiety when called to speak in large meetings at work. I was in a meeting today, no anxiety, felt great...and I was better able to listen and absorb the information. Didn't realize I wasn't before. 

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