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Therese Vorestenbosch headshot v2.jpg

Therese Vorstenbosch

Certified EmRes Professional

Phone: 214-336-9292

Location: Little Elm, TX.  In-Person, Phone and Online sessions

About Therese

For over a decade Therese has been on the path of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth. On her path to healing her own childhood traumas she was introduced to EmRes. EmRes resonated with her because it is universal and proven to help resolve any current stressful situations, past traumas, fears, and phobias. Her goal with her EmRes practice is to help anyone, including children and teens to gain freedom from the fears, traumas and anxieties that bind them. This way they are able to have a more peaceful, stress free life.


“When we allow our own body’s innate system to work, wonderful resolutions happen. It’s time to go back to our bodies!.” – Therese Vorstenbosch


Emotional Health Institute Training

Professional Certification

EmRes for the Body

EmRes for Children




Therese's Services

What Therese's Clients Say

My teenager was struggling with taking exams. He gets decent grades. But he gets so nervous when exam time comes up that he clams up and doesn’t do well. Therese helped us with EmRes. Her guided knowledge and experience with the practice helped my son resolve his emotional stress triggers that were preventing him from doing well on exams.

Andrei T

EmRes is something that I did not comprehend before my sessions with Therese V. While skeptical at first, as it is with any new experience in life, I realized how important the sessions became to me. Not only were the sessions with Therese a catalyst to my management of anxiety, but also in making me aware of my emotional health. I highly recommend anyone with anxiety to speak with Therese about their experience and work through the triggers.

I felt stuck in a cycle of triggering emotions due to high stress. Therese helped me with EmRes by teaching me how my own body naturally resolves emotional triggers. Her insight and experienced guidance through the emotional triggers helped to release the emotions that were keeping me miserable.

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