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MyEmRes Welcomes You

A Revolutionary Approach to Heal Unwanted Emotions

Why EmRes®?

Emotional Resolution® (EmRes for short,) is a method to integrate responses that our bodies couldn't handle in moments of high stress. EmRes sessions use interoception to give the body time and space to integrate the impact of past trauma in a calm and safe setting.

EmRes is exclusively about healing our wounds at our own pace in order to fully express ourselves freely. “Doing EmRes” or “Resolving our Emotional Difficulties” is not about suppressing our emotions, nor valuing them, or denying them.


EmRes allows us to act or speak with passion, vulnerability, sensitivity, strength, determination AND with as little tension as possible.

EmRes allows you to heal

  • quickly - usually, only a few sessions are needed 

  • gently - you don't need to revisit your past, know where the injury occurred or get triggered during the session 

  • permanently - once the emotion is integrated, it will be a memory/a part of your history, and will no longer be available triggering in the present

Where does EmRes come from?

EmRes is the result of decades of research and observations from the bodies of work from pioneers of mind/body relationship such as Nina Bull, to the leaders in modern Neuroscience such as Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, Dr. Antonio Damasio and others.  These works, along with decades of extended clinical practice with clients, serves as the framework for today’s EmRes. 

EmRes recognizes that the body has the innate capability to integrate and so to heal the wounds created by any past traumas. Through using this capability EmRes can resolve current unwanted emotions, blockages and behaviors.

Who is it for?    

EmRes is for anyone who suffers from emotional tensions such as phobias, PTSD, fears, anger, anxiety and any other unwanted emotion.

In the format offered on this site EmRes works on people from age 9 and up.

Why does it work?        

EmRes taps into our natural ability to update obsolete emotional predictions from the body/brain. EmRes updates stuck and obsolete neuronal networks, so our emotional responses can be congruent with our current reality, instead of being a reaction from past wounding experiences.

How is EmRes different from other modalities?          

EmRes is a very gentle modality that is quite easy to learn to heal oneself or others.  There is no need to relive or even mention a past trauma. It is not necessary to know when, where, why the trauma happened or who was involved. EmRes can permanently resolve an emotional issue in one or two sessions.


What to expect from a session?

A typical session can be done face to face or via Zoom, Skype or over the phone. EmRes sessions usually lasts for about 45 minutes.  When you come to a session, it is best to already have identified an issue you want to work on, but your practitioner can support you in deciding where to focus your effort.

Sessions are like having a calm conversation with a friend.

Our clients experience profound results.   Depending on the depth and chronic nature of the emotional wounds, some individuals will choose multiple sessions as they see their lives change after each session. 

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Our Services

First Consultation

Get more information or answers to specific questions about Emotional Resolution and how it can help you?


Free consultation sessions last 15 minutes by phone

EmRes Session

Emotional Resolution is the efficient process to resolve emotional feelings and conditions such as depression, PTSD, fear, anxiety, anger, and grief, among others.


EmRes sessions last
30-45 minutes, in-person, over the phone or online.

The Body

Chronic pain and idiopathic disease caused by suppressed emotions can be helped by "EmRes for the Body". This specialized EmRes technique addresses the subconscious effect that emotions have on the body.


Look for "EmRes-Body" in your practitioner's bio.

EmRes for Children

Children from 4 -11 can utilize EmRes too. Kids sessions are adapted to help them resolve their stress and difficult emotions in ways they can understand. 

Look for "EmRes-Kids" in your practitioner's bio.

Our EmRes Team

Our team can help you with the best EmRes sessions available. They have been trained by high standards of the Emotional Health Institute (EHI).

  • EmRes Practitioners are students working toward their certification.  

  • Certified EmRes Professionals have been certified by EHI as fulfilling all training and practice obligations that afford them Professional status.

Both EmRes Practitioners and Certified Professional may have additional training with EmRes-Body and EmRes-Kids.  Check out their title and bio for specific education.

With our EmRes team, it doesn't matter how overwhelming are the emotions affecting your life--whether they are clearly echoes from the past or reactions to current events, from depression, fear and anger, or grief, sadness and loneliness, or physical pain and disease or behaviors that are not in our best interest--EmRes can bring relief. 

Look through our team and read about them by clicking the "Learn More" button below their picture. 

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Adri Diaz

EmRes: Certified, Body, Kids

Ocoee, FL

Therese Vorestenbosch headshot v2.jpg

Therese Vorstenbosch

EmRes: Certified, Body, Kids

Little Elm, TX

headshot Liza Jascolt.jpg

Liza Jascolt

EmRes: Certified, Body

Las Vegas, NV

siebens sq1000x1000.jpg

Sue Siebens

EmRes: Certified, Body, Kids

Dallas, TX

Our Team
Contact Us

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you. Send us your questions and comments and we'll get back to you asap!

Thank you for your interest in MyEmRes. 

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